Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Excursion To YS Falls in Jamaica

While in Negril, it was hard to leave the seven-mile beach and the cliffs, but we had read that Jamaica features some amazing waterfalls so we decided on an excursion to the lush YS Falls

Seven-Mile Beach, Negril
The Cliffs on Negril's west end
We hired a driver to bring us to YS Falls, located on the south coast approximately 50 miles east of Negril.  The ride took about 90 minutes and we very much enjoyed the scenery, passing by small towns, the gate to Peter Tosh's burial site, catching glimpses of the beautiful ocean in the distance, vendors on the side of the road selling corn on the cob and shrimp, among other foods. 

YS Fall is located on YS Estate, a working cattle and horse farm in the Parish of St. Elizabeth.  Driving into the estate and toward the parking lot, we saw small mountains, green fields and grazing horses. 

At the office, we paid our entry fee ($15 per adult, $7.50 for children) and took a fun, 10-minute jitney tractor ride across the pastures and up to the falls. 

We passed by beautiful gardens, trees, wildlife and natural pools. 

We read the rules:

The estate featured seven beautiful waterfalls in a jungle-like environment, with abundant plant life and foliage. The estate also offered a zip line ride over the canopy which 
looked awesome but we did not do time!

There are seven river pools where you can wade around and swim, 
which were very refreshing, as it was HOT!  There was even a rope swing in one of the pools.  
Here's my husband having fun on the swing!

Additional pictures of the falls and a friendly snail:

We could have spent a full day at the falls relaxing, walking in the gardens and swimming in the pools.  It was an amazing experience and felt like a small piece of paradise.  Jamaica has so much to offer!

After a morning/early afternoon at YS Falls, and a quick stop for some jerk chicken on the way back to the hotel, we were back at the beach in plenty of time to catch another fabulous Negril sunset. 

What's your favorite spot in Jamaica?  Feel feel to leave a comment below and thanks for reading!